Cold Packs Direct Australia

What are the Ice Pads made of?
The fabric and film encapsulate de-hydrated super absorbent polymers within the cell. When hydrated (soaked in water) the polymers absorb and retain the water in preparation for freezing or chilling. The components of the Neck Cooler are all produced from the highest quality materials and meet stringent Australian Standard Regulations and as such pose no adverse effects to health through manufacture or use. For further information see our HELP page.


What are the benefits of Ice Pads?
Very economical, purchased in bulk - Ice pads are as liitle as 6c a sheet.
Can cut to smaller sizes for specific uses.
Re-usable and should last for many years. No need to dispose if a cell gets damaged - just cut it away.
Stays dry when thawing. No pools of water - Ideal for lunch boxes